Travertine French Pattern Pool Project

Travertine French Pattern Pool – Outdoor Paving Project

Travertine French Pattern paver become a trendy choice in modern landscaping! Kris from KD Landscapes is half way through this backyard pool & patio project in Doncaster, Victoria. He is responsible for the tiling, decking and general landscape works. The stone paver used is Turkish ‪Travertine‬ ‪French pattern‬ in jumbo size.
This “oversize” pattern costs more than the standard size French pattern but the results are well worth it, especially when the tiling area is large.
This is because the jumbo size provides an exciting pattern and point of interest, however it is never “busy”.

You can see the pool coping tiles were perfectly installed in this outdoor paving project.

Travertine is a pale honey colour, often with delicate banding. Many sculptors have used it as an easier-to-carve alternative to marble, and it is also cut into slabs and made into polished floors. The most famous travertine is Roman travertine, which gave the rock its name.

Ref: The Illustrated guide to rocks & minerals, John Farndon.

Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Turkish Tumbled Travertine has been used around this swimming pool and on the first two steps leading into the pool.

Travertine French Pattern Large/jumbo tiles used as paving tiles in this project.

Tumbled and unfilled 600x400mm square edge tiles 30mm used as Travertine pool coping pavers, instead of bullnose edge tiles, which resonate well with rest of the French Pattern paving tiles.