Travertine Silver Pool Paving

Travertine Silver Pool Paving – Outdoor Stone Tiles

Ricky from Lush Lifestyle Construction​ in Stawell, Victoria​ built and tiled this pool in Silver Travertine.

It makes an ideal paving for pool coping and surrounds as the stone does not reflect the sun and cause glare problems.

Silver Travertine is also a very dense form of Travertine making it long lasting in a harsh environment.

What is Travertine

Travertine is a pale honey colour, often with delicate banding. Many sculptors have used it as an easier-to-carve alternative to marble, and it is also cut into slabs and made into polished floors. The most famous travertine is Roman travertine, which gave the rock its name.

Travertine Pool Project Brighton Melbourne

Travertine Pool Coping Project – Brighton Melbourne

This Travertine pool project feature 610x406mm outdoor stone tiles, located in Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria.

Beautiful landscaping and finish are dramatic.

Another outstanding Travertine project by Estrada Paving, supplied by Edwards Slate & Stone.

Travertine Pool Surround Pavers

Travertine Pool Surround Pavers

An overview showing how the Travertine tiles are laid up to the thicker 30mm pavers.

This process saves money as the thinner Travertine tiles are considerably cheaper, while the thicker Travertine pool surround pavers are more attractive pool coping tiles around the pool edge.

This is a cost saving installation in term of how to build a swimming pool in Melbourne.

Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Turkish Tumbled Travertine has been used around this swimming pool and on the first two steps leading into the pool.

Travertine French Pattern Large/jumbo tiles used as paving tiles in this project.

Tumbled and unfilled 600x400mm square edge tiles 30mm used as Travertine pool coping pavers, instead of bullnose edge tiles, which resonate well with rest of the French Pattern paving tiles.

Travertine Stone Pavers Tumbled

Travertine Stone Pavers Tumbled

Travertine stone pavers tumbled enhances the natural beauty of this swimming pool construction.
This makes it suitable for both modern and natural landscapes.

The pool coping tile is made up of straight cut edge natural stone which adds character to this project.